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Marcel de Lange:

After receiving his PhD in Physical Chemistry based on the results acquired by ultrafast laser spectroscopy, Marcel had the choice of pursuing a scientific career at his late twenties. He was offered a postdoctoral position in the research group of Nobel prize winner Professor Lord George Porter at Imperial College in London but decided to choose a business oriented career path: his academic background is still visible in the fact that Marcel is highly content-driven. That does not mean, however, that he does not have a sharp eye for human interaction. On the contrary, Marcel’s management style is characterized by the words: “hard on contents, soft in relationships”. Generally, people like to co-operate with him.

Marcel started his career at Siemens as a Product Specialist, mainly catalyzing the sales of MRI scanners. During this period, he introduced and co-ordinated scientific research projects, engaged by academic hospitals and Siemens. This was so successful that Siemens decided to sponsor his MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management. After that, Marcel’s attention shifted to project management and, as such, he led projects varying in scale from small, in health care institutions, to large, in financial institutions. Currently, he is a certified and seasoned project / programme manager having acquired more than 15 years experience in that field. During the last four years, his projects were focused on Risk Management: since Marcel is content-driven, he has no problems in assuming a role as a Business Consultant.

By now, Marcel does not regret his choice in his late twenties…


- Seasoned project manager (>15 years experience): hands-on

- Big Four expertise at Senior Manager's level

- Highly qualified & strong mathematical background

- Main focus on Risk Management and IT for financial institutions (ING, AXA, Delta Lloyd, APG, SNS, Atradius)

- In-depth Solvency II knowledge, hands-on Pillar III expertise

- "Hard on contents, soft in relationships"